...I'm from Auckland, New Zealand which makes me a Kiwi. My mum is Te Aupouri Iwi and I was raised by that side of our family so that makes me a Maori.   

A little about my work...

Technically, what I do is called 'Stippling' though some people know it as 'Pointillism'. It's a form of art that simulates varying degrees of shading in a drawing using small dots of ink on paper to create the whole image. (a picture made of dots)
I never took art at school, so I discovered the technique by accident while I was still in my twenties when I was doodling with a pen but never thought much about it until I came across a book by New Zealand artist Rei Hamon and realised it was an actual artform. Sadly he has passed but is still my inspiration for not just art in general but Stippling as a true craft.

Although I did some pieces back then, there was nothing I would say that was of any significance or even still have and 20 years passed until I started drawing again in 2005. What you see here then, is basically, my body of work up to now.
My name is Scott Ritchie and Scottie Art was formed to showcase my work as an Artist.
This is my version of not having to work for a living...

I hope you can be inspired in your own life to do what it is you are most passionate about because I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I truly love.

Thank you for being here and sharing it with me...


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